Parents deal with a lot of pressure on a daily basis. Kraft wants to remind
them (kindly) to slow down and have fun along the way.

For the first time in forever, Kraft is encouraging parents and kids
to play with their food and make cool Krafts using their products.

Lets start with a package redesign:
instead of the regular blue box that literally blends into the shelves of supermarkets, a dash of pizzazz to help gain awareness to the new campaign. The side of the box now has partial instructions to start one of many Krafts.
The instructions aren’t complete?! Visit to finish the instructions.
Printed advertisements are also released to drive traffic toward the microsite.
Vinyl is laid down in supermarkets to locate the special goods at ease.
Art Direction by Diangelo Cuevas
Copy for the campaign written by Karolina Lang
Strategy by Carol Pang